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Moosis Zen Journeys are designed to foster profound shifts in perception, bringing people into a direct and intimate relationship with the natural world. In addition to simple, elemental living, all trips include meditation (both sitting and walking), contemplative hiking, oryoki meals, ecopsychology exercises, discussions, and formal Dharma talks that explore the intersection of Buddhism and Deep Ecology. Though these retreats are informed by the practice of Zen Buddhism, they are not “Zen retreats” in the usual sense. In keeping with their simple, elemental nature, these experiences are very informal and relaxed. There is plenty of time to lean back against a tree, drink tea, and enjoy the scenery.

Destinations showcase the spectacular natural beauty of our planet and provide opportunities to experience genuine stillness and tranquility. Most trips are not physically strenuous (unless otherwise specified), and are generally appropriate for people of all experience and ability levels. Moosis journeys are not wilderness trips in the usual sense of the term. Their emphasis is on profound connection to nature, rather than physical rigor or difficult challenges. If you have a concern about the demands of a specific trip or any other questions, contact us.

Be sure to check our basic list of recommended gear.

Jordan PondAcadia National Park
October 10-12, 2014
Granite peaks rising from the ocean, crashing surf, quiet ponds, fall foliage and serene gardens … Acadia has it all! We have been coming here with these trips for a number of years, and Mount Desert Island (home of the park) has never disappointed. In spite of the high number of visitors to this area, it’s still possible to find quiet in the nooks and crannies, deeply carpeted maritime forests, hidden brooks, and rocky headlands, the places that the island’s tourists seldom visit.

From our base at one of the National Park campgrounds, we will immerse ourselves in the wildness of Acadia at one of the most beautiful times of the year. However, we are also never far from civilization and usually find a few minutes to enjoy the area’s amenities, such as a freshly baked pastry and a cup of good coffee, when our travels bring us past a village bakery.

Cost: $150
Difficulty: Easy/moderate
Limit 8

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