Deep Space. Deep Ecology.

The astronauts in this video experienced a powerful shift in consciousness when they looked back at our planet from the big, black emptiness of space. Watch and see what they discovered:

Fortunately, we don’t have to hurtle through the atmosphere at gravity-defying speeds to come to these realizations. They’re available to us all right here and now when we open up to an experience of intimacy with all that is, what our Dharma ancestors called Tathata.

The practices of Zen Buddhism and the insights of the Deep Ecology movement give us some exceptional tools for coming to this realization – this awakening – for ourselves, right here on solid ground.

One thought on “Deep Space. Deep Ecology.

  1. Yet people stuggle with power and deception ,corruption.Fallen angels continue to deceive mankind will the powers that be race towards the end of man never considering the the effect of there actions on the world as a whole.Trying to be the dominating force resulting in death and destruction,unequality.No harmony,no peace and extremely little love.For what? $ The root of all evil.Money is a concept,so is equality ,unfortunately so is peace on earth,So far peace is something we can strive for in our minds but will never really know.everyone wants to rule the world,the people and the money,does noone love God and goodness?Such a lonely place.

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