IMG_0198Zen teacher and Registered Maine Guide Peter Wohl leads periodic trips in areas of solitude and vast beauty, which combine elements of ecospirituality and ecopsychology to bring about a profound transformation in participants’ experience of the natural world and of themselves. The practice of meditation coupled with nature-connecting exercises opens participants to experience the world more intimately and directly. This realization – that the woods, waters, and mountains are none other than our own body, and that every plant and animal is unique and sacred – is the common thread that unifies spirituality and Deep Ecology. In keeping with their simple, elemental nature, these experiences are very informal and relaxed. There is plenty of time to lean back against a tree, drink tea, and enjoy the remarkable scenery we encounter.

All persons, regardless of their spiritual/religious background are welcome to attend any weekend and take the insights gained back with them to their homes, workplaces, and spiritual practice centers.

Moosis means “little moose” in the Abenaki language. The name was chosen to recognize those first peoples of these beautiful lands, as well as the calm, dignified nature of northern New England’s largest mammal.